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At Ritual Work, we offer a holistic approach to healing and well-being for individuals, families, and organizations. Our company is founded on the belief that we as humans have the ability to access our full potential and achieve human-spiritual mastery through deepening the relationship with our bodies, minds, and connection with Spirit. We believe that now is the time to demystify the ancient healing modalities of ritual, ceremony, meditation, yoga, prayer, and energetic healing. We make these powerful technologies practical, digestible, doable and fun. Ritual Work incorporates science, honors our biology, and blends evidence-based methods with spiritual understanding. Our work is informed by the yogic traditions of hatha, vinyasa, and kundalini yoga.

Clifftop Yoga

About Ritual Work

We believe that the key to creating real and lasting change individually, with our families, and in our communities, is to fully access the power of the human and spiritual self in a balanced, grounded, and educated way.


Our mission is to break through the stereotypes associated with metaphysical healing by guiding students through experiences where they have the opportunity to come to their own conclusions about the human-spirit connection. We believe that by developing a personal relationship with Spirit while maintaining a strong foundation in the body, clarity in the mind, emotional intelligence, and acceptance of the human experience, people level up in their lives and cultivate more strength, creativity and Joy.

Through one-to-one work, trainings, workshops, public speaking, and retreats, we offer an array of modalities and teachings focused on embodiment, mindfulness, and human-spirit connection. Our work fosters emotional intelligence, resilience, physical fitness, nervous system and glandular balance, and a deep connection to love and personal power.

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