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Ritual Programs

Sometimes the work is to slow down, get quiet, create more intimacy with yourself, own and amplify your gifts and strengths, while addressing the sticking points that hold you back from being your best self. At other times, it feels good to get out there and share what you have learned with others in support of their well-being and growth.  

Ritual Work programs are designed to meet you where ever you are in the adventure of life. We offer trainings that support your personal growth as well as giving you the skills to become a powerful teacher, healer, coach, and ally for others. 

Corporate Trainings: Ritual Work / Life Training


Ritual Work offers powerful trainings focused on work/life balance, resiliency, communication, and the elevation of relationships and team dynamics in the corporate workspace.




Ritual Intuitive Coaching

Are you ready to go deep into your self-care and healing while learning to be an ally for others?

We collaborate with master teachers and healers to design our training programs in yoga, healing work, and intuitve coaching. Come away with everything you need to support and coach others through their own process of self-discovery and healing.

Ritual  Breathwork & Healer Training

Now is a time for all people who are called to the healing arts and to be in service to rise up, fully step into their power, and offer their unique healing services to the world.

To offer healing work in a good way, we must heal ourselves, come into full integrity with Spirit and our community, cleanse our hearts, and become zero.

This program will give you the skills and tools you need to be a successful healer in and a network of community support.

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