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Most people are equipped with natural, unique talents and abilities that enable us to help others. Through embracing the lessons we learn from our life experiences and sharing them, we become teachers and guides for each other. Our lived experiences are our most valuable training for helping others heal. Surviving a challenging or even traumatic event gives us compassion and empathy for others who have been through similar experiences.



Ritual Breathwork and

Healer Training

Do you feel called to share what you have learned with others and help them rise up and become strong, resilient, and successful in the complex world with live in today?

To offer healing work in a good way, we must take really good care of ourselves and commit to the lifelong journey of self-reflection and healing. This journey is a process of releasing old traumas, fear, anxiety, and any baggage that keeps us stuck in our karmic cycles so we can step into our dharma, or life purpose. This chosen healing path is not always easy and can be messy, uncomfortable, and even wild at times! However, as we courageously embrace our humanness while communing with Great Spirit, we become more masterful in our lives. We learn to keep our channels clear, neutral, and attuned to the frequency of Love. This Human-Spirit connection becomes the solid foundation we build our lives upon.






In this training you will heal yourself and level up your life while learning powerful and practical rituals and modalities for helping others do the same. You will become part of a community dedicated to this deep healing and the cultivation of love and prayer that is needed to be a powerful conduit of healing and love for others. This program will give you the skills and tools you need to be a successful healer. You will not only learn how to offer healing and support to others, you will learn how to create a business doing so. 


Are you ready to step into your fullest potential and give your truest gifts to the world?


"Let your heart sing from those wounded places.
When you sing your song with everything you've got,
it will not only heal you, but it will heal all of us through you." ~ Gemma Benton

The Details

This is a year long program. Classes are held one weekend a month for 10 months, with 2 extra months of self-study & to complete your requirements for certification.
~ Next start date TBD ~



  • Receive the practical tools you need to build your own profitable and thriving business as a healing artist, coach, and spiritual counselor.

  • Connection to a community dedicated to the deep healing and cultivation of love and prayer that is needed to be a powerful powerful conduit of healing for your clients.

  • Learn offer spiritual and intuitive coaching and counseling, shamanic healing, ritual breath work, reiki, sat nam rasayan, energy medicine, and yogic wisdom privately and in groups. 

  • An all-star line up of guest teachers to help start or continue your education in being a bad-ass spiritual warrior and healthy, balanced, loving human in service of the awakening of humanity.



This is a Year-long program with 10 months of programming consisting of:

Module 1: Creating a Human-Spiritual Foundation and Presence

1. Connection with each other and building community within the group

2. Code of ethics and expectations of the program

3. What is Self-care and how do we practice this? Why is it important?

4. Understanding and working with the Autonomic Nervous System

5. Understanding and masculine and feminine energies

6. Nutritional guidance and support

7. Introduction to Shamanic Journeying with metaphysical breathwork

8. What is prayer and how do we pray powerfully for ourselves and others?

9. Yoga and Meditation (40 day practice)


Module 2: Practicing Shamanism



1. Understanding Shamanism from different cultures

2. Spiritual Cleansing (Limpia)

3. Understanding cultural appropriation

4. Different modalities for inducing trance (breathwork, dance, drumming, entheogen)

5. The importance of ceremony and ritual

6. Animal Medicine Guide work

7. Plant Wisdom (herbs that support healing)

8. Understanding and working with the elements, animal and plant spirits

9. Understanding and choosing your healing tools

10. Altar creation

11. Opening and closing the healing space

12. Calling in protection and the spirits, prayer


Module 3: Metaphysical Healing


1. Reiki 1, 2 and 3 attunement

2. Ritual Breathwork

3. Sat Nam Rasayan

4. Energy Medicine

5. Heart Healing

6. Cultivating your intuitive gifts

7. Being visionary and deciphering visions

8. Channeling

9. Boundaries and spiritual hygiene

10. Working with various forms of energy and spirit guides in your practice

11. Understanding and working with Chakras

12. Understanding masculine and feminine energy


Module 4: Sound Healing


1. Vocal healing and toning

2. Bowls, instruments, Gong

3. Channeling Sounds and healing music

4. Toning into the body to move energy

5. Sound vibration and mantra

6. Creating healing music


Module 5: Ritual Breathwork


1. Working with the breathing technique on-on-one

2. Using guided imagery for breathwork journeys

3. Integrating prayer, sound, shamanic practices, reiki etc into a breathwork session

4. Understanding how circular breath assists in healing trauma and deep transformation


Module 6: Counseling and Coaching Techniques


1. Presence

2. Understanding and working with trauma

3. Somatic counseling and coaching approaches

4. Creating interventions and breakthroughs

5. Nonviolent and conscious communication techniques

6. Accountability

7. Creating a safe container

8. Offering homework and rituals

9. Integrating intuitive card readings into the counseling process

10. How counseling, coaching and spiritual healing work together


Module 7: Social Justice Training


1. Understanding Privilege and Oppression

2. Working with diversity in your client base

3. Consciously and appropriately working with POC and racial minorities

4. Consciously working with the LGBTQ community


Module 8: The Business of Healing


1. Designing your unique offering

2. Getting clients

3. Creating packages and pitching your offering

4. Promotion





Sariah Sizemore is a gifted intuitive healer, coach, spiritual teacher, and embodiment professional. She has been teaching Yoga and meditation for 13 years and is a seasoned teacher of this lineage offering expert wisdom to her students on sound, mantra, breathwork, posture, and meditation. She is trained in Celtic Shamanism and many forms of ritual, spiritual, and metaphysical healing from a variety of lineages. She is a certified coach and counselor and a Modern Mystery School initiate. Sariah has run a successful 6 figure private healing practice in the Bay Area and is the creator of this year-long healing and coaching training program focused on ritual breathwork, her proprietary healing modality.

Sariah offers life changing holistic programs to her clients that focus on empowering their whole self. She is passionate about human-spiritual mastery and how all people leverage their body, mind, and spiritual connection, as access points for physical and metaphysical growth. In her work she sources a blend of personal life experience, embodiment practices, yoga, spiritual and somatic counseling, coaching, spiritual healing, and intuition to support her clients and students.

Sariah is the founder of Ritual Work, and collaborates with a team of exceptional teachers and healers to design and offer a rich body of work focused on healing, mastery, and empowerment on all levels.

    Devin Fleurdujon is a certified massage therapist and certified ayurvedic practitioner with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. What lead her to the healing arts is her background in earth stewardship, permaculture, and sustainable design. Through this lens, she sees our bodies as ground zero for cultivating a sound relationship with life. In her healing work, Devin incorporates the Five Element Theory using sound, essential oil aromatherapy with an intentional healing touch to unblock her client's meridians. Ravinder Sappal is a reiki practitioner/teacher, shamanic healer, breathwork practitioner, shamanic councilor, and practices Depth Hypnosis. He is also a practitioner of Infrared LED Light Therapy. Ravi has also been dabbling with Shamanism since 2010 and received formal Shamanic training in 2013 at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley under the guidance of Dr. Isa Gucciardi, as well as energy medicine. In 2017 and 2018, Ravi attended Shamanic Coach/Healer training with Sariah Sizemore in Berkeley. The training involved learning healing breathwork, spiritual coaching and counselling, kundalini yoga exercises for personal development. Ama Nkwa is a Spiritual Life Coach, a Medium, a Clairvoyant and Hypnotherapist. She has a private practice geared toward artists and healers, and is also a performance artist, offering shows about such things as race, sexism, healing, combining entertainment and education as a way of facilitating returning to the natural and indigenous ways of living. Ama has been in the Coaching and healing business for over 15 years. She believes deeply that properly equipped Artists and Healers will change the world! Madeleina Bolduc, a certified Clinical Medical Herbalist, has been cultivating the art of herbalism and ritual for twenty years. She leads groups in transformative, therapeutic sessions and has held a private practice for the past eighteen years. Madeleina is a counselor and coach, a teacher of natural medicine and mindfulness practices. She is an expert at holding and guiding students through experiences of personalized Vibrant Aliveness by integrating Clinical Medical Herbalism, embodiment practices, nutrition, Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medicine, Energy Medicine, communication skills, spiritual counseling and indigenous wisdom.


$3,500.00 Early Bird: until January 1st paid in full. 

$3,995.00 Full price: after January 1st 

$4,000.00 Full price with payment plan. Payment plan: $1,500.00 initial non-refundable deposit and five auto payments of $500 for the remaining $2,500.00


" I was always curious about "shamanism" and the practice as well as becoming a healer. I was going through a transition in my career path to studying integrative medicine but also wanted to integrate spirituality into my practice.

I could not have asked for more to learn about this healer path from Sariah. I developed maturely in my spiritual path from her guidance, love, empathy, confidence and the care she gave as a teacher. Along the way, I came across obstacles, but Sariah pushed me to be who I meant to be and the confidence to use my spiritual gift, but most of all to grow and heal my own nervous system from stress/trauma.

One of the teachings Sariah taught that still sticks with me until today is, self-care and in order to heal others, you have to heal yourself.

I thought through my spiritual growth, I have already healed myself, but did not know there were more things I needed to heal, which Sariah gave tendered care to open that door for me to acknowledge in order for me to spiritually mature.

Sariah created a wonderful community from her training that till this day we are all still part of and became good friends from that community that I can't ask for more. I never had a community where I felt right at home with the support/love I received. Sariah really cares for our well being and the mama bear of her strength she gives as a teacher. From this training, I am able to have the confidence to help other people as a healer in this world and the strength as a warrior from the inspiration Sariah gave me when I first meet her as a Kundalini yoga teacher. " - EC

"My initial intention for taking the Level 1 Shamanic Breathwork Training was to expand my range of offerings provided as a Yoga Instructor, but I quickly discovered that it would dive much deeper than expected. As a young professional carrying decades of physical, mental, and emotional trauma; the unique combination of offerings provided by Sariah have assisted me in transcending and healing some of my deepest wounds. The individual guidance and support of my peers has allowed me to come away with a greater understanding of the nervous system, the power of personal intuition, and the importance of self-care in a stressful and overwhelming world.

Expect to learn about the art of sound healing, leading breathwork, creating a safe space, Kundalini yoga, and various coaching techniques to implement in your own life, as well as in a professional practice. While this training is challenging, and requires a deep level of personal commitment to oneself, it is impossible for me to look back and imagine taking any other path. If you are an instructor, body worker, healer, coach, or counselor, I highly recommend studying under Sariah and soaking up the wisdom of this course!" - MR

"I was a big “yes” from my soul to embark in the shamanic healing coach training. I loved being part of a supportive spiritual community because that in itself was very healing. Sariah has so much knowledge and experience to share and I looked forward to each class to learn and practice in becoming a good healer. I have gained confidence in who I am and my ability to be of service to others in a way that feels inspiring to me.” - EK

Ritual Healer Training Details
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