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Meet Sariah

Sariah Sizemore is the founder and CEO of Ritual Work. She is a gifted healer, coach, spiritual teacher, and embodiment professional. As a seasoned Yoga and meditation teacher for more than 13 years, she offers expert wisdom to her students on sound, mantra, breathwork, posture, and meditation. Her work is informed by the yogic traditions of hatha, vinyasa, and kundalini yoga. Sariah is also trained in Celtic Shamanism and many other forms of ritualistic, spiritual, and metaphysical healing modalities. She is a certified coach and counselor as well as a Modern Mystery School initiate. Sariah has run a successful six-figure private healing practice in the Bay Area and a year-long healing and coaching training program focused on Ritual breathwork, her proprietary healing modality.



After working over 17 years as a QA Engineer and Manager at several prominent audio technology companies, and ultimately hitting a wall of burn-out, Sariah spent years researching, developing, and practicing ways to eliminate the stress, negativity, and the potential burn-out that comes with a fast paced career. She now offers life-changing holistic programs to her clients that focus on empowering their whole selves. She is passionate about human-spiritual mastery and guides people to leverage their body, mind, and spiritual connection as access points for physical and metaphysical growth. In her work, she sources a blend of personal life experience, embodiment practice, yoga and meditation, spiritual and somatic counseling, coaching, ritual and spiritual healing, and intuition to support her clients and students.

A Safe Space for Growth

Sariah brings fun and light-hearted humor to her work and creates a safe and loving space for transformative personal growth to occur. Her clients come from all walks of life and are diverse in age, gender identity, religious backgrounds, and race --  but usually have one thing in common -- - they want to feel good in their bodies and about themselves, have more vitality, and become empowered and effective in their lives.

The Team

Sariah collaborates with a team of talented professionals to design a rich body of work focused on enriching the human-spirit connection and elevating individuals, families, and groups to their greatest potential. 

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