Namaste is proud to partner with Sariah Sizemore for an exciting six-month Ritual Intuitive Coaching Immersion focused on helping yoga teachers, healers, and seasoned practitioners refine their skills and learn powerful tools for supporting clients one-to-one. Graduates will come away with the ability to create a safe container for their clients and students while sharing their intuitive wisdom and healing modalities in a grounded, compassionate, and authentic way.


This program is a two-fold journey where students will be engaging in deeply transformative practices that train the mind, clear the subconscious, strengthen the nervous system, and remove blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. Enhancing self-awareness through healing and mental conditioning creates a resilient foundation to work from as students learn new techniques and prepare to become an ally for others.




Students will take a deep dive into the self-care and self-healing it takes to be of service without becoming depleted. Graduates will complete this immersion with the skills and tools necessary to be a successful intuitive coach and spiritual teacher, able to provide support to others on their journey of empowerment, growth, and healing.


Are you ready to learn how to support and coach others through their own process of self-discovery and healing?


Key highlights of the Ritual Intuitive Coaching Immersion include:


  • Cultivating your unique offerings by integrating multiple healing modalities

  • Understanding who your client is and attracting new clients

  • Learning how to clear space and create a safe container for your clients to go deep

  • Learning powerful rituals for transformation you can share with your clients and how to assign homework and offer accountability.

  • Working with a diverse client base and integrating trauma-informed teaching strategies

  • Receiving a 40 day personal yoga and meditation practice

  • Intuitive counseling and coaching techniques

  • Self-care and self-healing techniques for becoming a clear and grounded channel of wisdom for others. Including: ritual breathwork, kundalini yoga, meditation, personal energy modulation, and spiritual and energetic hygiene

  • Receiving two one-on-one personal healing sessions with Sariah Sizemore






May 17 – October 20, 2019


Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM

Saturdays 12:30-6:30 PM

Sundays 12:30-6:30 PM


One hour zoom video call Wednesday evenings 7 PM – 8 PM


Each month will consist of in-person meetings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and will be complemented by Zoom video calls (see exact dates and times below).


The training consists of 100 hours of Continuing Education Units* (84 contact hours and 17 hours by teleconference).


May 17, 18, 19 and supporting zoom calls

Module: Creating a Human\Spiritual Foundation


1. Connection with each other and building community within the group

2. Code of ethics and expectations of the program

3. What is Self-care and how do we practice this? Why is it important? Self-Care techniques

4. Receive 40 day yoga and meditation practice

5. Cultivating Unconditional Love and Compassion

6. Understanding and working with the Autonomic Nervous System

7. Understanding and working with subconscious mind and limiting beliefs


June 28, 29, 30 and supporting zoom calls

Module: Creating a Human\Spiritual Foundation


1. Mindfulness and embodiment

2. Identifying triggers and how to work with them

3. Identifying feelings and emotions and how to feel courageously and transmute emotional energy

4. Clearing and holding a safe sacred space for others

5. What is prayer and how do we pray powerfully for ourselves and others?

6. Alter creation

7. The importance of ritual and how to create daily rituals for yourself and your clients that support growth and transformation.


July 26, 27, 28 and supporting zoom calls

Module: Awakening Your Spiritual your Intuitive Gifts


1. Awakening your psychic gifts and how to share them with others

2. Working with divination cards and Bibliomancy

3. Listening to and trusting the wisdom and magic of your heart

4. How to share intuitive information and spiritual guidance to others in a respectful and nonthreatening way

5. Working with visualization

6. Channeling information from your higher self and spirit guides


August 16, 17, 18 and supporting zoom calls

Module: Counseling and Coaching Techniques


1. Who is your ideal client? Recognizing who is not your client.

2. Screening potential clients

3. Healthy boundaries

4. Intake and release forms

5. Prepping for a session

6. Format of a session

7. Cultivating a state of presence

8. Transition meditations and ways to drop in

9. Deep listening techniques

10. Unconditional positive regard

11. Asking the right questions


September 27, 28, 29 and supporting zoom calls

Module: Counseling and Coaching Techniques


1. Understanding trauma and how to support your clients in their healing of it.

2. Somatic counseling and coaching approaches

3. Nonviolent Communication

4. Intuitive readings and guidance in the coaching\counseling container

5. Creating interventions and breakthroughs

6. Offering homework, daily rituals, and home yoga practice

7. Improvisation

8. Accountability


October 18, 19, 20 and supporting zoom calls

Module: Diversity Training


1. Understanding privilege and oppression

2. Working with diversity in your client base

3. Consciously and appropriately working with racial minorities

4. Consciously working with the LGBTQ community

5. How to do your personal ongoing work on inclusion and diversity


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