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Conscious Partnership

Loneliness is no joke. In recent years phycologists have raised concern about the epidemic of social isolation and the resulting negative impact it's having on people's health. Some experts go so far as to link loneliness to premature death! Let's face it, no matter how much of an independent rockstar of a single person you are, no matter how much you’ve dedicated yourself to living your best life - actively creating your own personal fulfillment, at the end of the day, we all long for love.

We ache for the intimacy and mutual support of a partner, but not just any partner. We yearn for a truly healthy, uplifting, fulfilling partnership, the love of our lives. The thing is, we often find ourselves re-living the same painful and damaging relationship patterns over and over again. This is because, at some point we received wounding that stuck in our subconscious. 

It can be hard to shift our vibration so we can attract partners from a place of wholeness instead of woundedness. The interesting thing about the subconscious is that it literally works like a tape player. You can’t speak to a tape player and have the recording stop. Just like you can’t talk yourself out of the habits that come from these recordings in your subconscious. You must put your finger on the button and stop the tape. That’s what this course is here to help you with.

In this online course you will learn about how your subconscious and nervous system works and will  gain access to the “off button” of the old worn out tape. You will be given the support and guidance you need to actually change the patterns that limit your relationship potential. You will receive instruction in engaging powerful practices and rituals that will help you heal, clear your programming, shift your vibration and change the signals you’re sending out that are attracting people into your life. This work applies not only to romantic relationships but friendships, and business relationships too. These practices will also help you raise the vibration of your long time relationships with friends and family. 

It's time to put the right kind of productive energy towards making space and attracting the relationships you truly want. Are you ready?

"Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold." ~Zelda Fitzgerald

The Details

Course Start Time is TBD


  • Learn honest self-assessment and love yourself through the process of identifying the habits and beliefs about partnership you carry that aren’t serving best and highest good and blocking you from experiencing conscious partnership.

  • Learn powerful Kundalini Yoga and Meditation techniques to heal your subconscious programming and elevate your vibration.

  • Learn how to access the power of nature and the elements to support you in your healing. 

  • Receive personal self-care rituals for raising your vibration, opening your heart, and owning your worthiness and value. 

  • Engage in journaling and writing exercises to help complete and resolve difficult relationships from your past as well as with your parents. 

  • Learn potent and effective meditation for the 2nd chakra, sexual wounding, and to cut the energetic cords that remain between you and past lovers. 

  • Receive guidelines for treating yourself the way you want to be treated by a partner. 

  • Adventures and experiences that cultivate love and joy in your life through being with yourself. 

  • Communication techniques that help you share who you are, what you need, and what you are creating in the world. 

  • How to say NO to the old archetypes you have been attracting and make room for a new kind of partnership and love. 

  • Work with a supportive community of new friends committed to this healing journey where you can share your experiences and support each other through his deep and intensive healing program



This is a 3 month program consisting of 3 modules, 1 module a month

consisting of:


4 live zoom classes a month (12 classes total) - Wed 7-9pm

4 live zoom “check in’s” Q&A a month (optional) (12 check-ins total) - Fri 6-7pm

*All classes will be recorded and made available for download. 


Module 1: Creating a Human-Spiritual Foundation To Work From

1. Connection with each other and building community within the group

2. Code of ethics and expectations of the program

3. What is Self-care and how do we practice this? Why is it important? Self-Care techniques for keeping your vibes high

4. Understanding your nervous system and how to self-regulate 

5. Working with thoughts and feelings on the fly

6. Learn to create a beautiful altar this the externalized version of your prayer and intention

7. Receive 40 day yoga and meditation practice

Module 2: Healing the Wounds of the Past 

1. Identifying and releasing limiting beliefs about yourself, others, and your experience of partnership

2. Identifying key relationships from your past you would like to heal and move on from

3. Healing and working with your inner child 

4. Ancestral and parental healing 

5. Cutting energetic cords with past lovers and reclaiming sexuality for healing, connection, and creativity


Module 3: Creating Your Vision and Moving Towards it

1. Identifying your ideal partner and partnership 

2. Identifying who you are and how you show up in partnership

3. What is prayer and how do we pray powerfully for ourselves and others? Learn to use prayerful intention to empower and create your vision for your life and conscious partnership

4. Learning to fall in love with yourself and to vibrate love and confidence instead of lack, loneliness, and insecurity

5. Setting boundaries and making choices that are in alignment with your vision

6. Creating self-intimacy

7. Learn to treat yourself the way you want to be treated by a partner inside and out


$1,300.00 paid in full, early bird until Dec. 31st

$1,500.00 paid in full after Dec. 31st

$1,600.00 with payment plan (5 payments of $320 per month via autopayments)

$1,000.00 There are 3 financial assistance partial scholarships available with application


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